East Tennessee State


East Tennessee State University offers many unique and nationally acclaimed programs including Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music, Storytelling, and the Appalachian Studies programs.

The buildings depicted are the D.P. Culp Student Center, the Amphitheater, Charles C. Sherrod Library, Pickel Education Building, and the Mini-Dome. The D.P. Culp Student Center serves as the hub of all student activities and services. Located adjacent to the student center and at the heart of the campus is the beautifully landscaped outdoor Amphitheater. The Charles C. Sherrod Library opened in 1999 and was named after the University’s second president. The Mini-Dome houses the intercollegiate athletic offices and hosts the basketball teams.

East Tennessee students take great pride in their school while building lasting memories. That makes this a unique gift for recent graduates, past alumni, and fans of all ages. Relive the memories!

Your school’s artwork was created by hand using pen, ink, and watercolor. The paper is hand cut and layered to give the work a creative three-dimensional appeal. The image is 3.5” x 12.5” and is framed with a navy blue/gold mat in a 9” x 18” quality, black metal frame.


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