Ole Miss


Founded in 1844, the University of Mississippi is one of the largest colleges in the state, and is home to over twenty major research centers. The University was the site of Mississippi’s first football team. In 1947, John Vaught led Ole Miss to its national prominence over his twenty-four year reign as head coach. The school officially changed their mascot from Colonel Reb to the Rebel Black Bear in 2010. Before every game, fans gather at The Grove for a full day of tailgating fun. Hotty Toddy!

The buildings depicted are Fulton Chapel, The Lyceum, and Ventress Hall. Built in 1927, Fulton Chapel has become the campus’s center for theatre and musical productions and orientation. Used as a hospital during the Civil War, The Lyceum reflects ancient Greek architecture and is the only surviving building of the university’s original five. Originally Ole Miss’ library, Ventress Hall now houses the College of Liberal Arts.

Ole Miss students delights in its history, academics, and athletics making this a unique gift for recent graduates, past alumni, and fans of all ages. Relive the memories!

Your school’s artwork was created by hand using pen, ink, and watercolor. The paper is hand cut and layered to give the work a creative three-dimensional appeal. The image is 3.5” x 12.5” and is framed with a crimson/blue mat in a 9” x 18” quality, black metal frame.


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