University of Illinois


Once portrayed as “the worst of the best,” the University of Illinois has become one of the finest research-intensive universities in the United States. Known as the Fighting Illini, Illinois is a founding member of the Big Ten Conference and classifies as a very high research activity university with the second largest library after Harvard. Though Chief Illiniwek is no longer the school’s mascot, the “War Chant” keeps the Chief tradition alive.

The buildings depicted are Foellinger Auditorium, Davenport Hall, Hallene Gateway, the Alma Mater statue, Illini Union, and Harker Hall. Davenport Hall is one of the oldest buildings on campus and houses the Geography and Anthropology departments. Between Illini Union and Altgeld Hall lies the Alma Mater statue. Sculpted by Lorado Taft, the bronze statue represents the University’s motto of “learning and labor.”

University of Illinois delights in its history, academics, and athletics making this a unique gift for recent graduates, past alumni, and fans of all ages. Relive the memories!

Your school’s artwork was created by hand using pen, ink, and watercolor. The paper is hand cut and layered to give the work a creative three-dimensional appeal. The image is 3.5” x 12.5” and is framed with a blue/orange mat in a 9” x 18” quality, black metal frame.


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