University of Texas


Opened in 1883, The University of Texas has one of the largest enrollment’s in the nation and has been labeled as one of the “Public Ivies.” The schools of Accounting, Latin American History, Pharmacy, Architecture, and Social Work have all been ranked among the best of the nation.

The buildings depicted are the Union, Homer Rainey Hall, Littlefield Fountain, the Tower, Benedict Hall, and the Mustangs Statue. Formerly Old Music Hall, Homer Rainey Hall is the last of the red-roofed “6 Pack” buildings to be built. Named after University president H.Y. Benedict, Benedict Hall was the first of the “6 Pack” buildings. Littlefield Fountain is a monument built for the alumni who died in World War I and was made by Italian sculptor Pompeo Coppini. The Tower, also known as the Main Building, is located at the center of the campus and is easily the most recognizable symbol of the school. The Mustangs Statue, formally known as The Seven Mustangs, is where students used to drape a large net over before the annual football game between UT and SMU.

The University of Texas delights in its history, academics, and athletics making this a unique gift for recent graduates, past alumni, and fans of all ages. Relive the memories!

Your school’s artwork was created by hand using pen, ink, and watercolor. The paper is hand cut and layered to give the work a creative three-dimensional appeal. The image is 3.5” x 12.5” and is framed with an orange/white mat in a 9” x 18” quality, black metal frame.

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